10 Facebook Ads mistakes I did that you should avoid in 2022

Aazar Ali Shad
3 min readJun 30, 2022

Over the past 6 months, I’ve spent more than $600,000 on Facebook Ads.

I still grew the brand to $25MN in revenue.

I learned more from what NOT to do.

Here are 10 mistakes I made that you should avoid:

1/ Don’t use stock images or video.

Instead, use those images and videos as inspiration.

And go to your customers with real-human images.

2/ Don’t use “brand awareness or traffic” objectives.

Engagement and likes are vanity metrics.

Only focus on conversion if that’s your goal.

3/ Don’t launch a half-assed landing page.

You know what I mean: the one where you change the headline only.

Really make a dedicated landing page to a dedicated audience, offer, and creative.

And, please don’t drive the audience to your home page.

4/ Steal, don’t copy.

I tried to copy and my ads just looked like others.

Instead, take inspiration and rework the entire with your point of view and audience.

Use Adbox for inspiration: Adbox link

5/ Don’t retarget with more testimonials, instead give an irresistible offer.

I thought my audience needed more proof.

Turns out they were bought in. I lacked a good offer.

I created an offer, and sales went through the roof.

6/ Too much relying on the videos.

Videos take time. So, do focus on single-image ads.

Single-image ads with great creatives work like a charm.

Here’s a good example:

7/ Not giving at least one week.

The 7-day window on FB does work. If you turn it off on the third day.

You are losing folks by not reminding your audience to purchase.

Yes, so be patient with the results.

8/ Not have a simpler ad account structure.

Campaign structure dictates how well your ads are performing.

Max 3–4 different campaigns and one campaign for experiments.

It took me a while to learn it.

This is a good video to learn “how to test” the ads:

9/ Not making the first-liners attention-grabbing.

Almost always the first line of the copy, regardless of the creative, made the difference.

So, spend some time on working on the copy.

Learn some copywriting here:

10/ Not trusting the “broad audience” earlier.

I thought my audience is specific so the ads have to be specific.

No, Facebook finds the audience for you.

So, trust the algorithm and the process.

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