3 Ways to Think About Product-Led Content

Aazar Ali Shad
3 min readJul 7, 2022

This is a guest post by Amanda Natividad

Millions of blog posts are published every day.

How do you stand out from the noise?

Try product-led content.

Here are 3 frameworks:

1/ Solve common problems.

• What is a problem your customer has?

• How do you solve it?

• How does your product fit in?

Readers should be able to solve the problem without using your product.

But it’s better if they do.

Great for: Awareness

Examples: SparkToro


2/ Be the only solution to a problem.

What common problem can your customers solve using your product — and only your product?

Great for: Niche use cases or totally-new products

Examples: Zapier


3/ Give a unique POV.

What is your perspective about something in your industry?

What hill are you willing to die on?

Think of the unique combination of your skills and experience.

Great for: Agencies; consultants

Examples: Animalz

Growth Machine

In all these examples, your product or service is strategically woven into a narrative.

And ideally, you’ll meet goals across:


• User retention

• Brand awareness

• Demand generation

Wanna dive deeper into product-led content? Check this YT video.

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