5 Mistakes You Should Avoid As Growth Marketers

In my growth marketing journey, I have learned across from all growth marketers, and I made these mistakes. I wish someone would have told me to avoid these earlier. So, I am sharing it with you today.

If you already know at least two channels that you have some expertise on, make sure to ask for the right compensation. Good growth marketers are like unicorns, they are way less in number & they can grow anything.

It took me a while to actually be better at this. If I knew, this would be lead to more money, better network, and slicker persuasion skills. I would have started my career in either of these two skills.

I started my side-hustles way later in my career. A side hustle is your portfolio like a designer shows dribble. Show, don’t tell — your work should speak itself.

A side hustle also gives you leverage-based optionality. You don’t have to immediately find a job if something is working on the side.

Sometimes I went with the gut feeling and fell flat. Your experiments and their documentation are your defensive strategy but also you’ll be surprised that sometimes what you think is right could be wrong.

Whenever I was unable to manage up, I was either fired or demoted. Learn to create those reports, documentation, and think for your boss. Managing up goes long way.

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