5 Unconventional Places To Use Social Proof To Boost Conversions

“We determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct.”
Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Most marketers know that social proof is important. Instead of just using it on the bottom of the landing pages. There are some other places where you can use social proof to increase conversions.

Every feature could be supported by social proof attached to it. That way you get the most of the features text.

If you look at my profiles, I have added them in my header. Let other people sell your product for you.

Many companies like Drift, FullStory, and Drip do this really well. You can use social proof by adding different case studies. It’s like an announcement page for your existing customers.

According to stats, 79% of people who opened a direct mail pack read the postscript first, before reading anything else.

Wall Street Journal Writer, Shaun Usher says,

“The P.S. is the most charming part of a letter. It’s the wink you give away as you walk away.”

I added my podcast review in my P.S. Time for you to do it as well?

Many folks make walls of love and review pages. But many forget that your prospective customer is coming to your website to find how his/her life will change. Regardless of your review page, make that before and after page too. Check out Basecamp’s before and after page for more.

Bonus: Use social proof on your popups that simply helped me increase my conversion rate.

Now use these actional tips and improve your conversion rates on your website, email, popups and socials.

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