How Startups Can Have a Successful Product Hunt Launch

1 — Getting a popular hunter can help

2 — Engage with communities

3 — Tease before Product Hunt

Product Hunt Teaser for our Facebook Cover

4 — Algorithms of Product Hunt — This is what we know with some certainty about the PH Algorithm:

5 — Find a way to reward your customers and educate them about Product Hunt

6 — Get customer testimonial videos to post on maker story

7 — Involve the whole team and GET YOUR MARKETING READY!

8 — Don’t ask people to upvote

9 — Product Hunt is not a one-time thing!

10 — Set smart goals and measure them




Entrepreneur & Growth Marketing Consultant. More info:

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Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad

Entrepreneur & Growth Marketing Consultant. More info:

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