How To Create Urgency In Your Marketing Without Faking It

Aazar Ali Shad
2 min readJan 27, 2022

Most companies use gimmicky tactics to create urgency. What they don’t understand is that the receiver of the offer does feel the artificial urgency on the other side.

Most of the time it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I have pondered enough on this topic to create urgency that is actually genuine and observed how others do it well.

Here is some tactical advice you use in your making:

1 — Don’t Push, Articulate Better

Most people push it. Michael keenly a notable writer & salesman said, “Never pressure people to PUSH them into purchasing. Instead, use pressure to PREVENT them from procrastinating.” So, how do you prevent folks from procrastinating?

Articulate your offer with better reasoning as to Why NOW is the best time to buy.

Give people a logical reason why they should buy now, and more people will.

And you can’t just make up the reason.

For example, At Synthesis, we were closing a standard enrollment, and putting people on the waitlist due to excess demand. That reasoning led to 50% more sales. Why? Nobody wants to be on the waitlist, and procrastinators moved to buyers immediately.

2 — Scarcity Leads To Urgency

We’ve all been to and when we see that some rooms are left. We quickly adapt and buy.

But most people are not selling “limited” products — right? Sure, so how do you fix that? Present a limited-time “offer” that is only to X number of people.

We ran a Black Friday deal and offered it to 100 people only. We got 200 folks coming to buy it. They pushed us to increase the number. Similarly, you can make a quick bundle to increase offer more with the same price in a limited amount.

NFTs are a good example, the reason why it is working so well is that the number of items are limited and nobody wants to wait.

3 — Social Proof That Adds Credibility

I recently got a podcast sponsor and I wanted to close the deal. My sponsor was delaying it for no reason (procrastination). I simply showed that other folks are also interested if you are not, all good. Clearly showing social proof and the offers from the other folks made them understand that this thing has demand. It simply worked out and we signed the deal.

You can always show the huge line or number of folks subscribing to your services to show social proof. Here are some ways to use social proof.

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