How In-App advertising disappointed me!

In-App advertising, a Phenomenon we have all been through but never liked it!

I have to say that I have dived into learning Mobile Advertising and it is phenomena. I would like to share my findings and learning that can help everyone, in general, to improve this industry. This is my first post regarding what I learned from my first-hand experience in Mobile Advertising. I have started learning about Mobile advertising. I see so much potential in this whole industry of advertising and that is the reason why I like to blog about it. The first topic I would like to share with you is mostly I will talk about In-app advertising.

I was surprised to read this comment somewhere from users, “I would rather die in a plane crash than click on the Mobile Ads!”

Do you also get annoyed at Mobile Ads inside the apps? Haven’t you thought about “I would rather use paid version than click those Ads”? Isn’t it annoying?

Since, the birth of Online Advertising, Mobile Advertising was the trend which had to be next. Have advertisers used In-App advertising with full potential? Are they relevant to the users? I am not quite sure. First of all, gone are the days when Brands had to promote themselves on Mass Media platforms such as TV. The distance between consumers has reduced from 20m to 0.2m with the help of Mobile. However, the mobile ads are not targeted really well. Here are a few of examples I came across as ardent mobile ads follower:

‘Trikefliegen’ in German means Flying Motor bike. I don’t know why and how Groupon is giving me such in-app messages. Can’t they use my Facebook Profile data (Interests, likes and passion) to send me better ads than these? All I ask is to take some data from my profile which is relevant to me.

On the other hand, we Pakistanis are usually cricket fanatics. I am an avid cricket follower. I use cricket apps to keep myself updated with latest scores and news. I would not mind any advertising on this app which is somehow relevant to cricket or sports. However, I would like to show what I got in that app:

This is what I got, an ad displaying where to spend your summers with your family. I mean, at least it could be related to sports. On the left, you could see an in-app advertising which is called ‘Interstitial Ad’; it is a kind of banner ad which suddenly pops up on your mobile. On the right, when I clicked on Interstitial Ad, it took me to another landing page of this ‘Familiensommer’ vacations information.

Okay, I may be biased because I am a sports fan but I love Music too. I like it when I hear a new song and want to detect and keep it with me for future listening. This App called SoundHound does the same work for me. It detects the music and then it keeps it in the history. I thought ads could be related to Music, it really makes sense. However, I found something very drastically different ad while using this app. It is (Online Retail) ad which is no way near to Music. I hope my point is clear after you see the picture below:

On the other hand, I have been using Online Dictionary to improve my language skills. LEO is a good online dictionary which is helping me a lot these days. While using LEO, I found this BMW ad inside the App. I am still trying to make some logic that how a dictionary app is relevant to BMW (although I get the point of awareness). It is not interesting for me. Some language platform ad would have been a better target regardless of that fact that they have my profile or not.

As a marketer and consumer, it is disappointing to see such ads. However, there is an opportunity too. It has to be completely exploited, it is challenging yet fruitful at the end of the day. Indeed, Mobile Advertising if it is relevant and highly targeted it can do wonders.

Dear Marketers, if you are reading this post, please exploit this platform in the best way possible or it will be painful only while users are going to say “I would rather die in a plane crash than click on the Mobile Ads!”

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