Radically Standing Out With One Psychological Hack

Aazar Ali Shad
2 min readJul 1, 2022


Three best friends invested $10K in their business and turned it into a $30m company in 3 years.

The crazy part?

They used a psychological cue — distinctiveness to grow their ecommerce business.

7 lessons that you can instantly apply to your business:


1/ 95% of ecommerce business fail.

But this one succeeded.

One marketer, one accountant, and one designer.

All of them had “distinct” skills to grow the business.

2/ The distinct background.

All of the founders were in the wellness category.

So, they spotted a distinct trend.

People don’t want to be jacked, instead, want to look and feel healthy.

This was the birth of @my_obvi

3/ The distinct color.

The pink color helped them stand out with paid social ads.

Distinctiveness — We pay more attention to stuff that stands out.

Nobody could imagine a wellness brand of this color.

4/ The distinct use of psychology.

Early on from zero to 100K journey.

They bought limited inventory and got sold out.

Result: Fear of missing out to buy MORE and social proof that there is a demand.

They used Nostalgia to their advantage. Watch this video for more.

5/ The distinct way of running a community without marketing.

Their Facebook group was connected to each touch point, so even if someone didn’t immediately buy — they were still consuming it to buy later.

Community is about learning to launch new products & collect feedback.

6/ Grow with few, scale with many SKUs.

Launching new flavors and products based on the community feedback helped them grow from $1Mn to $10Mn.

Here’s an example (plus look at the engagement)

7/ From $10mn to $30Mn — The distinct brand play.

“Scaling requires to trust your people. In order to scale, everyone has to be a CEO.” — said @obviceo

They only have 8 employees but everyone works as a CEO.

Now they are on their way to $100Mn.

Listen to the pod, there are more gems than I just shared here.

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