The Little Known Secret About Higher Cold Email Response Rate

Aazar Ali Shad
2 min readJan 15, 2022

Most people try too hard to work on cold email copywriting. Indeed, what you say to a prospect carries weight. But other than the copy there is one more thing.

It’s the quality of prospects who might need your solution.

Sure, you did some LinkedIn prospecting and know your persona. But not everyone is “ready to buy” or even respond to you.

So, how do you get the quality of prospect right?

The key insight here is: It’s either an internal or external trigger that the buyer needs realize him/herself. While we won’t know internal triggers and how big the pain is. These are some important triggers in your B2B buyer’s journey to get you to respond faster.

1 — Changing job role or title

LinkedIn has made it super easy to tell you when the prospects change their job. Why not take advantage of it?

2 — New Job Post

New job posts are mini-gold mines to understand companies’ strategies to know where your product fits in it. I have seen smart sales folks keeping an eye on it.

3 — Fundraising

I personally advise the growth marketing agencies I work with to keep an eye on YC accelerators and demo days. Founders have raised a ton of money and need help. Even if you won’t close, you’ll get the conversation going for future projects.

4 — A recent big news that’s on everyone’s minds

COVID is a piece of recent big news. Now, we are hearing that inflation is coming soon. All of these are triggers to make your buyer reconsider their choices. It makes your prospect know that you have read the room.

5 — Company performance release or recent success

If it’s a public company, you will know the event but if it’s a private company then keep an eye on the socials of your prospects & their executives. Everyone likes to boast about their accomplishments.

Now, don’t try to aimlessly reach out, find a good reason for your prospects to respond to you.

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