We Converted 50% More Leads with Cold Calling After GDPR [Case Study]

Let’s jump right in!

So What is GDPR?

How big are the fines?

How is it affecting the world of business and cold calling?

GDPR Cold Calling

How We Cold Call, Establish a Legitimate Business Interest and Stay GDPR Compliant

  1. First, we prospected using LinkedIn and Xing in order to make use of the mass of highly targetable data they offer. We set our sights on Data Protection Agencies, who usually only have around 1–10 employees so reaching a decision making unit was likely.
  2. We did not store any personal information on our prospects. Company name and business telephone number was sufficient for us to carry out our GDPR cold calling activities.
  3. This one is interesting. Instead of directly calling an individual at the business, we called the generic line and asked the operator/switchboard to connect us with the relevant person who makes strategic decisions regarding partnerships. Although this is an extra step, it just strengthened our ability to stay compliant.
  4. Although our sole intention was to increase sales (as with any sales call), the way we pitched and structured the call was focused on establishing a mutually beneficial partnership between ECOMPLY.io and their agency.
  5. Again, as they are an agency focused on data protection compliance, and ECOMPLY.io provides GDPR Compliance Software Solution, there was a clear and indisputable legitimate business interest for them to receive our sales call and for us to reach out to them, thus preventing any GDPR related issues. We also used them as an indirect channel partner, where they could potentially promote the product to their clients or partners, meanwhile selling a license to them as well, so it was a win-win for us.
  6. We also understood their problems very well and crafted a sales pitch that they wanted to hear by addressing their problems directly. Data Protection Officers (DPOs) in Germany have many clients because the law says any company that has more than 10 employees need to have a DPO. Therefore, this role is mostly outsourced. Hence, the pitch to the problem was very targeted. External DPOs want to save time, manage multiple clients and look professional. That’s what we pitched them.
  7. Finally, and this is very important, we respected their right to refuse the call. If they were not interested, we did not follow up or continually call them to convince them, we just moved on.


  • We successfully reached 29% of prospects we reached out to. This was pretty good taking into account how people usually ignore sales calls. Generally, if you’re reach rate (directly reaching the prospect you need) is below 15%, we suggest you change your approach to cold calling so as not to waste time.
  • Of those that we reached, we were able to qualify 69% of them, meaning they were a good fit for our product and we knew we solved their problem. Similarly, if your qualification rate is below 30%, you need a new list of more relevant leads (don’t go buying generic leads, please!)
  • We were then able to convert 51.7% of those that were qualified, which we were pretty happy with. Again, if your conversion rate is below 50%, you need to work on your pitch. Conversion means either demo or sign up by the prospect.

And finally, we’ve mentioned it a lot. What is a legitimate business interest, and how do I establish one in B2B sales?




Entrepreneur & Growth Marketing Consultant. More info: aazarshad.com

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Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad

Entrepreneur & Growth Marketing Consultant. More info: aazarshad.com

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