What B2B Marketers Fail To Understand About Facebook Ads

I have finally figured out paid social. You folks are doing it all wrong. I released a podcast about How I Grew $3M to $10M with our B2C Subscription Startup.

So, what have I really figured out that you didn’t? Good question, the reason Facebook Ads work really well for e-commerce and B2C startups is that they are either dependent on one decision-maker, it’s something new, the average order value is low, and the sales cycle isn’t that long.

How do you really effectively use Facebook Ads then? Here are some of my ideas that you should definitely try.

Most B2B keeps launching new magical features that are so useful that anyone would want to give it a try. You should only launch one feature with one kind of concept. Don’t complicate this part.

Watch this video about what I mean. But basically, a super-power feature that people think almost looks unreal. For example, I love the text-based editing for Descript. When I saw it, it boggles my mind — I just became a pro-editor with it.

You want high intent leads who try your product and want to immediately use it. Within a free trial, the attribution gets blurrier — Offer a unique paid version for the first year that gets them to buy immediately (this excludes sales-led products).

Make it almost like an impulsive decision to try the software.

Mostly B2B products are “time” and “situation” focused and need many folks to be onboarded to it. Hence, the executive signs up and CEO pays so attribution makes it hard to justify it.

Hopefully, this makes more sense.

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