What do the best B2B sales folks know about cold emailing that you don’t?

Aazar Ali Shad
2 min readJan 18, 2022

Getting a cold email isn’t a pleasant experience. You need to be in someone’s inbox for the right reason.

Cold emailing is intrusive. It clearly violates the receiver’s privacy.

Here are principles to remember when you are sending a cold email (especially in B2B sales):

1 — Is the receiver the right person to get it?

More than 50% of the battle is to find the right person. When you fail at it, then regardless of the copy or product. You will fail. So, spend some time and energy looking for the right person. This also means that the receiver has pain related to your product.

2 — You need to start a conversation, not sell.

Imagine you are walking in a street, and a stranger comes to you to sell you something immediately. Would you buy it? Well, if you won’t buy something in real life so quickly, why do you assume someone is ready to buy immediately? So, start a meaningful conversation that leads to a conversation to eventually sell them later.

3 — Focus on leading with identification of the pain for the prospect

When I used to send B2B cold emails, my idea was to help folks identify the pain first before sharing solutions. I used to tell them that X is wrong, and why it is wrong. If they are convinced, then I placed my solution accordingly.

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