Which Marketing Strategies Work for SaaS Companies?

Aazar Ali Shad
2 min readJan 15, 2022

I wish there was one right answer to this. I believe there is a cliche answer to this: it depends.

It depends on your wedge, product, persona, industry, market segment, and personal expertise. I can go into each of them but I am assuming you are smart enough to understand these. So, I am going to focus on the strategies part.

I have been working in the SaaS market for the past 7 years and these are the most common market strategies I have seen that should also work for you.

1 — Content Marketing & SEO

Content means folks who are looking for the information right now related to their jobs-to-be-done (JBTD). The features you build are basically a JBTD and each feature can have multiple contents related to it. SEO is basically the distribution channel but it takes a while to rank on it.

2 — Growth Loops & Virality

Many SaaS companies are either single-player or multiplayer “games”. If it is a multiplayer game then you get inherently many folks trying your product and some convert. Calendly, Loom, Slack, and Zoom are in that category.

3 — The Outbound Motion

For higher average contract value products, cold email, events, and & direct mail are the outbound motion. If you genuinely understand your market and they resonate with the problem. This still works for B2B and will always be there. Although, it has a longer sales cycle but long-term retention too. Gong (although good with content marketing) heavily relies on the outbound motion.

4 — Paid Advertising

Many SaaS companies heavily rely on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and G2/Capterra PPC as well. This is a common channel, if you have some budget, you’ll see growth from this marketing strategy.

These strategies are pretty common in SaaS but the “how” you do it actually makes a lot more different.

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