Why SaaS Marketers Need To Pay Attention To Gong’s Marketing To Level Up

  • Create raving fans
  • Want more
  • Challenge conventional wisdom
  • Win as a team
  • Act now
  • No sugar (state facts, don’t sugarcoat it)
  • Favor long term
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Sales Leaders
  • Frontline Sales Managers
  • Sales Enablement
  • Account Executives
  • Which channels to exploit?
  • What kind of messaging resonates with them?
  • What gets their attention?
  • What do they really care about?
  • What are they afraid of and their deepest desires?

Trustworthy Data-led Content that answers customers’ key questions

While we’re doing keyword research to rank on. Udi’s team knows the questions his audience has (I can tell — and I used to be in sales).

  • Is this a problem that your audience cares about today?
  • Is it insightful? Unique storyline, perspective or data-backed
  • Immediately actionable? Such as playbooks, checklists, infographics etc. Does it help them do their job better?
  • Would people pay for this?

Actionable podcast that helps you to do better at your job

Gong is winning with podcasting by bringing actionable ideas and pros. Podcasting gives you a voice, makes it more relatable and inspires you to do better at your job.

  • Write data-led content to answer specific questions to your audience
  • Write in their tone of voice
  • Understand their pains deeply
  • Make it actionable, relevant, and insightful. Make it so good that they want to pay you to read it.

1 — Break the pattern

Post like a person, not a Robot.

2 — Engage in a human way

Talk to your followers.

3 — How to get traffic to your website?

Make it about them. Make it about people they admire. Gong made it about their guests and other brands.

4 — How to drive pipeline sales?

Give value for free publicity, and drive traffic through lead magnet in that public post for more content.

5 — How to go viral on LinkedIn?

Invite your team. But do tell them — Why is it important? What’s the big announcement? Give them two versions of the copy to post on Social media. Don’t make them think.

  • People use the first name in the subject line, they took my last name.
  • Simple choppy copy.
  • Time-bound (they know it’s Monday).
  • Write like you talk (CHRISS VOSS BABY!!)
  • Conversational: Wait, you’re coming right?
  • Clear CTA.
  • Using my name twice (People love listening to their name — How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie).
  • Social proof: 5329 people are coming
  • I’ll lead with our company’s values and principles
  • I’ll be more human on social media.
  • I’ll do deeper research on my persona and audience.
  • I’ll lead with data-led content.
  • I’ll focus on performance while investing 20% in brand marketing.
  • I’ll make more content that is actionable, relevant, useful, and inspiring.
  • I’ll zig when people zag.
  • I’ll have a list of crazy ideas.
  • I’ll work for a CEO who understands marketing.
  • I’ll keep following Gong to get inspired.



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