Good artists copy, great artists steal “ by Pablo Picasso.

So, this post is all about stealing from Gong’s marketing, and their mindset to level up.

Disclaimer: This blogpost is self-initiated. I’m not associated with Gong at all, and they have not paid me to do this. I just admire them from far away. I haven’t tried their product yet so can’t comment on that. I did have a chat with their CMO (Udi Ledergor) and followed his guest appearances on several podcasts.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s give you the meat of the content.

Why Gong?

This post in an implementation guide inspired by the Adjacent User Theory post by the wildly-successful Bangaly Kaba (EIR @ Reforge, Former VP Growth @ Instacart, Instagram). We wanted our readers to see how they can use Userpilot to turn their adjacent users into activated users similar to what Bangaly Kaba did in Instagram.

Adjacent Users? Huh?

Maybe you’ve never heard the term before, but these people are the key to achieving rapid, sustainable SaaS growth.

The term was coined by Bangaly Kaba during his time leading on growth at Instagram between 2016 and 2018.


In that time, the photo and video sharing network grew its membership from around 400 million users to over ONE BILLION.

If you’re a…

Marketers insist that lead marketing is a thing of the past, that e mail capturing through popups is dead. More often than not, you’ll hear them complaining that they can’t capture leads, that they can’t get people interested, that people find popups annoying. How do they hook visitors if people won’t bite the bait?

What if I tell you the problem lies in the marketer and not the method? What if I tell you that I found a great way?

Lead marketing and lead captures still do work, but only when you do it right.

Welcome to my Poptin review…

You may be wondering now — what the heck is proactive and reactive onboarding? Well, the reason why you haven’t heard those terms before is probably that I’ve just invented them

I’ve been teaching onboarding to my customers at Userpilot and I’ve always been a huge proponent of making the user onboarding very activation focused.

If you don’t know what user onboarding is, read this article first.

Once you understand — user onboarding, concepts like proactive and reactive user onboarding will become much simpler.

Let’s dive into these two concepts.

What is Proactive User Onboarding?

Proactive Onboarding is knowing exactly the path your user needs…

If you are an early-stage founder, and looking for some dos and donts. This blog post is for you.

I have launched two startups in my entrepreneurial career so far. I have had 1 failed startup and another one is doing ‘Okay’ in revenues.

Now as a Head of Growth at another startup, I grew the company profitably as a bootstrapped startup at 40% month-over-month in revenues in the last 13 months, I think I learnt a lesson or two about it. Therefore, I am sharing some insights with you.

Okay, l’ll be honest. I was a wantrepreneur. I fancied…

As more and more SaaS companies attempt to increase customer loyalty, more and more ways of measuring it are developed. One of the most popular methods is Net Promoter Score (NPS).

In fact, 55% of companies around the world use NPS to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

And yet, very few actually make any use of their NPS (other than bragging about it in meetings):

Net Promoter Score can be so much more than a ‘vanity metric’ though — when cross-referenced with what the users do, NPS can be used to conclude what user adoption scenarios actually make the users…

Right now, product experiences and the messages we’re showing inside our products are more important than ever before.

Customers became picky, there’re a lot of similar tools on the market, and customer acquisition cost grew over time.

That’s the reason why a product-first approach in user acquisition, activation and retention must be implemented if we want to survive this cruel times and marketplaces.

Because of that, we should pay attention to our product experience layers — since, soon enough, they are going to be the main drivers of growth.

But, making perfect product experience layers that are able to improve…

Lessons from Intercom, FullStory, Airtable, and StoryChief

customer onboarding
customer onboarding

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by product, user experience, and customer success people trying to improve their SaaS customer onboarding experience is:

“Which software companies have the best customer onboarding experiences? Who can we turn to for some inspiration when it comes to providing a delightful customer onboarding experience?”

The answer isn’t always so straightforward.

When it comes to customer onboarding, the experience must be obsessively aligned with providing value from the first interaction. Or as we call it, the ‘Aha!’ moment.

The problem is that every SaaS product is unique in that sense. For example…

(GDPR) — Do You Really Need That Explicit Consent?

Are you worried when you see the word ‘GDPR’?

It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

It’s been 5 months since GDPR.

Wait! If you are new to this whole thing — read our GDPR guidebook for starters.

What has changed? Oh yeah, now we get to experience those beautifully designed cookie banners on almost all the websites under the sun!

Does that mean they are compliant? Hell, no! that’s not the only thing you need to do. …

A comprehensive GDPR Readiness Survey Report on how software companies and SMEs prepared and currently operate under the GDPR.

GDPR, you’ve heard of it, probably feared it, but you cannot ignore it. If you are like us, you wanted to get everything ready for the May implementation or, in contrast, you might have thought ‘I doubt any other startup/SME will become compliant, I won’t bother yet’. …

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